6 Months

Our ‘little’ guy is six months today.  Crazy!  He’s as cute as ever – very smiley and happy on the whole.

He’s started eating solids and is now graduated to having some solids for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Bananas and butternut squash seem to go down a treat.  But, it does seem like he’ll eat anything – the kid does really seem to like to eat!

He’s been napping so well these days.  He normally has three naps and will sleep 3 ½ to 4 hours a day (heavenly!)  His nights are a bit hit a miss…  Generally he goes down to sleep around 8:00pm, he’ll wake up only once to feed and then sleep until about 7:30am.  That said, it’s not uncommon for him to also be up at 12:30am, and then feed around 3:00/4:00am and then be up 5:00am and 6:00am.  It seems his nights are either really good or really bad and we can’t really figure out what goes wrong on the bad nights.

He’s got his two bottom teeth, those arrived just before we got to Zambia.  His nights were pretty terrible when he was teething.  I’m not looking forward to the next tooth/teeth.

The other day we were shopping and a woman said to me ‘madam, your baby is looking nice’.  I agree 🙂



One thought on “6 Months

  1. lovely pic. I need 3 of these chairs to keep Lois, Anna and Jenny to sit still while they should be doing their homework.
    It won’t be long before he’s putting the teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy. x

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