A trip to buy some plants

Earlier this week we visited a small plant nursery to buy a few plants for our outdoor area.  We took a look around and came across some ladies that were harvesting tomatoes.  These ladies were instantly excited to see Jacob. As soon as we came near one of the women came and took Jacob for a cuddle.  No sooner had the woman taken Jacob that she had him strapped to her back!  The other ladies all grabbed their phones and started taking photos.  I guess this is becoming a universal response to seeing something interesting.  So I also grabbed my phone and captured the moment.  He seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

‘Little’ white babies aren’t exactly plentiful around here so he’s a little bit of a novelty item. We expected him to get a lot of attention but we are quickly learning that it seems that as soon as women get close enough they instantly take Jacob to hold him.  Thankfully he’s very friendly and never has an issue with this.  Long may this continue!


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