Our little guy is getting stronger all the time and now can sit for a couple of minutes on his own.  He can also roll over now as well.  His rolling over tends to happen at some point during his naps or at night.  This means he’s been getting himself into some fairly awkward positions in his tent.  We never know how we’ll find him these days 🙂

Jacob’s sporting one of his reusable nappies/diapers in this picture.  We bought these just before we left as nappies here are nearly four times more expensive as in the UK.  We bought these from Little Lambs and have been really happy with them so far.  They don’t have loads of colour/pattern choice like some other companies but they were one of the cheaper kinds and they work just as well.  Most of the time when we’re at home, it’s all Jacob wears!


One thought on “Sitting

  1. Aw, well done Jacob. Great sitting young man!
    And… Well done you guys settling into this new patch of your lives and still having time to keep in touch. Lots of love x

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