Last week was a busy week.  We moved out of our flat and are now officially homeless.  Our move was very straightforward but somehow moving is always stressful.   The new tenant of the flat bought most of our furniture so nearly all of our furniture stayed in the flat which was brilliant for us and for him.  Most of our kitchen stuff and other larger home things were packed up and moved to a house our church has started renting to help those who are coming or going and need a place to stay.  Again, brilliant for us and for them.  And the rest of our things were either put into storage or they have been packed up in one of our five weighty suitcases which will be coming with us.

It was sad to leave our lovely flat, it’s been a fantastic home for us but I think mostly we were relieved to be finished all the sorting, packing, and cleaning.  Jacob was good as gold last week as we preoccupied with all that we had to do.  Despite getting very little attention he was very happy and content and spent hours on his playmat entertaining himself.

We’re now staying at Dan’s step mum’s.  Miv has been spoiling us already: cooking for us, doing the dishes, taking Jacob on walks, even offering to do our laundry.  It’s so nice to have a bit of a rest before we head off.

This week Sarah is coming to stay for a few nights and then Andrew, Helen and family are coming for a night as well.  We still have a few little jobs to do but mostly we’re just taking a bit of time to rest and spend time with family.



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