Last week we went to France for a holiday with friends.  We went to Normandy to visit Tim and Vikki Lovell and went with the Radmore and Pearse families.  It was such a great time.  Lots of time outside at the beautiful Bethanie, days at the beach, discovering the local area and just hanging out with great friends.




I’ve never been prouder to be British! 🙂  The Olympics were an amazing two weeks of British pride – I was brought to tears by Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrar, the rowers and several other athletes.  The GB team did amazing.

We went to Victoria Park one day to take in the festivities there.  They had events showing on large screens as well as food and activities for the public.  It was a great free event for families.

We managed to get tickets for handball at the Olympic Park which was very cool.  Admittedly we had little idea of what handball was, but they were the only tickets we could get.  That said, handball is a very entertaining sport to watch and we really enjoyed our two matches of women’s handball.  The highlight was just being at the Olympic Park though.  Seeing people patriotically supporting their home nations was beautiful.  I wanted to talk to every person that I saw with a maple leaf J  Evidently not everyone who had a maple leaf wanted to talk to me… I tried but apparently they weren’t from ‘friendly Manitoba’.  We watched a bit of the cycling on the big screen they had at the Park which was fantastic.  Britain won a medal and the massive crowd were on their feet cheering and supporting the team.  It was fantastic.

I’m looking forward to the Paralympics.


Becoming British

Today my British passport arrived!  It’s an exciting day.  Finally all of the process of paperwork, interviews, and fees are over and I am totally British (minus the accent, of course!)  I’m now proud to be both Canadian and British.

Next week we travel to France and I think I’ll use my new British passport 🙂