School’s out for summer…

Well, there is a broad smile on my face today that shows no sign of dimming. It’s not that I’m happy to be leaving my school and the staff, parents and pupils I’ve grown close to, I’m just really excited by the prospects of the future. I’m retiring from teaching in the UK for the foreseeable future (never say never) – no more SATs, Ofsted holds no fear for me, no longer shall I be marking Year 6 writing late into the evenings…Let the good times roll.

I’m sure that our time in Canada and life in Zambia will hold its challenges, there will definitely be times I miss my current life in the UK, but right now it really feels like the right things to do. We feel that God is calling us to continue to build on relationships in Zambia and that this is part of God’s purpose for our lives. I’m fully aware that it’s crazy in many people’s eyes (taking an infant to the developing world), but for all that we will be missing out on in terms of the material, we will be gaining so much more in quality of life together as a family. Melissa will continue to work part-time for Beyond Ourselves and, even though we’re not 100% sure what I’ll be doing when we move to Zambia, the possibilities all involve a much improved work-life balance. There’s that smile again.



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