It’s been a big week

This week we booked our flights to Zambia!  We are leaving on September 11 and coming back to the UK on November 27.  This all makes it very real.  I faffed around all last week, putting off booking the flights.  I asked the travel agent a whole load of mostly useless questions, moved around the dates and just generally probably annoyed him, just because I felt non-committal.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to go, but now it all becomes a lot more real.

This week we also confirmed where we are going to live.  Again, something I put off a bit as well.  But we’re definitely going to be staying in Ndola in two guest apartments.  They are studio apartments so we’ll have use of two of them and one will be a sleeping area and one a living area.  It might not be ideal but we’ll make it work.  We’ll have the two apartments on the left.




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